User Agreement
Parties to this Agreement (hereinafter - Agreement) are: You – manufacturer of photo and video materials (hereinafter - Executor) and JaneDoesIt Inc. – the site owner of and (hereinafter - Company).

By registering and/or using this Site, you agree and accept the following provisions:

1) This site has been developed and is intended solely for the persons who have attained at least 18 years old. By registering and using this Site, you declare:

“I hereby affirm that I am at least 18 years old (in some regions adults are persons who have reached the age of 21, so it is necessary to study the local legislation). By putting a mark in the selection box ‘I Accept the Terms of the Agreement’, I undertake NOT to provide false personal information (including name and/or date of birth) to the Company.

I also confirm that I independently make all decisions relating to the photo/video materials uploaded by me. I take full responsibility for all my actions as the person who has reached the age of majority. I understand that the Company provides services to the Executor (the Company grants you a non-exclusive right to use your own means of transmission of video/audio/text information, allowing you to interact with users). I understand that the Executor is not an employee, representative or contractor of the Company. The Executor is not entitled to represent himself as the Company’s employee.

I certify that as the Executor I shall not provide any threatening, racist and illegal material or material insulting the dignity of other Executors and Users. I understand that if the Company suspects me of posting prohibited materials or violation of any provision of this Agreement at the time of using the site, my account will be immediately suspended for the investigation, and that may lead to the complete blocking of my account and may void the payment.

I also certify that I shall not force other people to work on the Company's website as an Executor and all the Executors, registered under my studio account, work absolutely voluntarily. I undertake not to involve anyone in the provision of escort services. By putting a mark in the selection box (checkbox) ‘I Accept the Terms of the Agreement’, I guarantee that at the registration of all the Executors’ accounts created under my studio account, there have been used only genuine and valid identity documents. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, I give my permission and consent to the Company to verify my activity on the site. The Company has the right to use, post, distribute, edit, excerpt or display images, audio and video recordings for the purpose of advertising, both on and off the site, as well as for the purpose of providing promotional materials to third parties.

I understand and agree that the Company may periodically modify the terms of this Agreement.

By accepting the terms of this Agreement, I agree to comply with all the conditions prescribed by the Company. Persons approved by the Company as Executors have no right to transfer their powers on uploading photo and video materials to anyone else. The Executor also has no right to pass on his/her login/password to others. I understand that I must immediately inform the Company of any breach of security, such as loss, theft or unauthorized use of any data and services of the Company.”

2) All Executors should provide the Company with a copy of a document proving their identity: passport, driving license or other document, which confirms that the Executor has reached the majority. Clear copies of the documents shall be submitted prior to the Company's approval of the Executor’s account. The Company also has the right at any time to require the provision of valid (non-void) documents proving the Executor’s age, in accordance with applicable law. In addition, the Company shall take all possible measures to detect false documents proving the Executor’s name or age ("falsification of documents"). However, if the Company has not revealed the fact of falsification and accepted the documents submitted, failing to determine that they are false, you should understand that the Company has accepted these documents solely for further cooperation, without being in any way implicated in the falsification of documents, and assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise for you or others.

3) The Company in its sole discretion may either confirm the Executor’s registration at the Site or refuse to register him/her.

4) The Company may periodically send emails to your registered e-mail address or via a message center in your Executor’s personal area, or update any services, elements and functionalities of the site, as well as this Agreement or any of its terms and conditions. You should review all such messages and read emails to learn all updates. The Company assumes that upon the constant use of all services and features of the site, you are familiar and agree with all updates.

Basic Rules:

1) Any person who uses the services and information transmission systems provided by the Company, or posts their photos or videos on the site, must be registered on the site and only use their own personal account to upload photos and videos.

2) Specify the relevant information in the settings of posting photos and videos. If you have received an order, you MUST perform all of its points WITHIN THE TIME SPECIFIED.

3) You shall not try, by using make-up or clothes, to portray yourself as a minor to demonstrate role-playing games. You shall not represent yourself as a teen in the application form, if you have not clearly specified there that you are 18 or 19 years old. Otherwise, the use of the word “teen” or any other words related to minors is strictly prohibited.

4) Provision of or requirement to provide confidential information (email addresses, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, Skype, phone numbers, etc.), including the information about the site users or Executors, IS PROHIBITED!

5) Any personal contact with the site users, including the provision of escort services and prostitution, is strictly prohibited.

6) It is forbidden to address the site users with requests for gifts or remittances. It is also not allowed to indirectly notify users that you need money or gifts.

7) Sexual acts with minors, bestiality, incest, necrophilia, demonstration of blood and acts with animals, as well as the imitation of all these actions are contrary to the site rules. Role-playing games with the above actions are contrary to the site rules. Any attempt to post text or video materials with reference to the names of well-known personalities, or which are offensive and contain information on pedophilia, sex with minors, bestiality, suicides, bodily injuries, extraction or consumption of metabolic products, or which contain obscene and offensive language, shall result in immediate and full account lock.

8) Advertising of third-party sites, services or goods is strictly prohibited. Direct or indirect links for the users or Executors to ANY competing sites ARE PROHIBITED.

9) It is prohibited to post on the site any images, photos and videos with other people, to post in your profile any photos containing any inscriptions and other materials with no copyright.

10) It is forbidden to induce the already-registered users to re-register by any affiliate link.

11) It is not allowed to give intentionally false promises: if you agree or clearly give the user to understand that you are ready to fulfill his requests, you MUST keep the promise except for unforeseen circumstances. Do not deceive users by using ambiguous words or phrases which mean neither “yes” nor “no”. You should make it clear to the user whether you are going to fulfill his request or not.

12) Is prohibited to post on the site any locations where you obviously cannot make a recording. If the location has been added and you have received an order with an indication of the location, you MUST make a recording at this location. Specify the real locations.

13) It is not allowed to use or disclose any personal information about the User, including information about his/her personality, visits, amounts spent, even if this information has been provided to you personally by the User. Such information is confidential!

14) Forgery of credit cards is a crime and the Company does its best to help the local and international authorities to find cheaters. We assure you that we are doing everything we can to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions. If you know that SOMEONE commits such a crime, please let us know. This way you will help us to protect you and all the users of our website.

15) You shall not send, deliver or compel third parties to send any messages advertising the site or the Executors’ services (prohibited mass mailing – spam). All emails of this kind should be sent to the Company, and the Company, in its turn, has the right to send such messages to the users at its sole discretion.

16) The Company is not responsible for the relationship between the Studio and the Executor and for its consequences.

17) By registering and posting any (photo, video, audio) materials on , the Executor conveys to the Company the copyright on these materials. The Executor agrees that the Company is the owner of the rights to these materials, and conveys to the Company royalty-free, perpetual, exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute and display the specified materials (in whole or in part) and/or to include them in other works in any form.

Keep in mind that this is the basic list of the rules that does not include all the provisions and all possible violations, therefore any action that is not specified above, depending on the situation, may be interpreted as a violation of the Agreement. The Company reserves the right at any time to change or amend these rules.

Violation of the rules is considered a violation of the Agreement and may result in a fine, suspension or blocking of the account and even in its complete removal from the site.

In case of violation of the rules or terms of the Agreement, the Executor shall have a notice. In case of repeated violation of the terms of the Agreement, the Executor’s commission shall be fined. The fine shall depend on the gravity of the violation and shall be determined at the discretion of the Company. In case of further violations, the Executor’s account will be locked or removed.

If you do not accept any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, DO NOT REGISTER OR USE THE SERVICE OF THIS SITE.
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